Octreotide Acetate D8 is a Stable Isotope of Octreotide with CAS Registry No: 1240797-41-4 (free base)
Availability: Available in 2 weeks

CAT No. CS-O-03500
Category Stable Isotopes
Parent API Octreotide
CAS 1240797-41-4 free base

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More info about Octreotide Acetate D8
Synonyms Not available
Storage Conditions Keep in a tightly closed vial, store in freezer
Purity (%) Not less than 90%
Solubility Soluble In DMSO, In water
Appearance White to off white solid
Application Notes "Labeled Octreotide, intended for use as an internal standard for the quantification of Octreotide by GC- or LC-mass spectrometry."
Smiles O=C(N[C@@](C(N[C@@]1([H])[C@H](O)C)=O)([H])CCCCN)[C@@H](NC([C@@H](NC([C@](CSSC[C@@H](C(NC(CO)C(O)C)=O)NC1=O)([H])NC(C(N)([2H])C([2H])([2H])C(C([2H])=C2[2H])=C(C([2H])=C2[2H])[2H])=O)=O)CC3=CC=CC=C3)=O)CC4=CNC5=CC=CC=C45.CC([O-])=O
The balance used are calibrated with weights Traceable to National Standards NIST for accuracy

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