Chloronitromethane belongs to the category of Fine Chemicals with CAS Registry No: 1794-84-9

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CAT No. CS-T-12159
Category Fine Chemicals
CAS 1794-84-9
Mol. Weight 95.48 g/mol
Mol. Formula CH2ClNO2

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Synonyms Chloro-nitromethane;chloro(nitro)methane
Purity (%) >98%
Application Notes A nitrogenous disinfection byproducts (N-DBPs) found in drinking water. Mutagenic in Salmonella and potent inducers of DNA strand breaks in mammalian cells.
References Plewa, M.J. et al.: Environ. Sci. Tech., 38, 62 (2004); Chu, W. et al.: Xiandai Huagong, 29, 86 (2009); Kundu, B. et al.: Mut. Res. Gen. Toxic. Environ. Mutag., 562, 39 (2004);
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