Terms of Use

Terms of Use (English)

Conditions of use of the Analytical Reference Standards of UNIPEX

Dear Customer,

Thank you for the confidence you have shown in us by choosing us as your Reference Analytical Standards supplier.
We would like to remind you that, as stated in our terms and conditions of sale (put online on our website, our products are manufactured to be used primarily for LABORATORY use in scientific research, and can in no way be guaranteed for any other use:

  * Not as medicines, medical devices, food supplements,
  * Not as cosmetics,
  * Not as agricultural products or pesticides,
  * Not as food products,
  * Not as cleaning products, biocidal products, e-liquids,

When you apply to open your customer account, you will receive an end-use declaration document by email. We will ask you to return it to us signed and completed by return of email which will enable us to validate the activation of your customer account.

We remain at your disposal for any further information you may require and would like to extend our sincere greetings to you.

The UNIPEX / E-Shop Lab Team